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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Save Buster's ball field!

People who auditioned to work with/for the great Buster Keaton were asked only two questions: "Can you act?" and "Can you play baseball?" A "yes" answer to either question got you the job. When Buster was shooting on location and in need of an idea, what did he do? He called a ballgame. Everyone put down their props and cameras and picked up their bats and gloves. A game ensued until an idea came around, as it always, always did, and pretty soon. Today, we learned that Muskegon, Michigan is poised to bulldoze the baseball field where the Keatons used to play during summers, while resting up from their ceaseless vaudeville tours. Damfinos! We must do our best to keep this field of dreams intact! Sign the petition here!!

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