Photo by Ted Di Ottavio

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

There is a fLUTTER in your fUTURE

And the fUTURE is NOW, under tonight's fROST moon. From the fBOX Archive of the Inexcusably Unreleased, streaming here at soundcloud, fULLY aerodynamic renditions of fBOX favorites, Whoops Wrong Daisy, Safety Last Spin Around The Moon; a Hal Willner rough mix of Will You Love Me Tomorrow?, Tony Scherr's appropriately rough mix of Neill's exquisitely terrifying Black Dahlia Blues; plus a gorgeous rehearsal take, when it's right, it's right, from the couch to the Zoom on the floor, Neill's heart-bending arrangement of The fUGS' Morning Morning/Ah! Sunflower Weary Of Song (lyrics William Blake), something we did in a concert to benefit the late poetic genius of living, Tuli Kupferberg. "Jawdroppingly gorgeous," The Wire, the UK Wire, called it. We apologize for the delay. We meant to make it worth the wait.