Photo by Ted Di Ottavio

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Real Thing

Somewhere in Denmark last night, Neill was cutting vinyl on a deadline and using, I quote, "John Lennon's actual genuine 100 percent authenticated Twittenhurst EMT140 plate reverb!!!!" That's four exclamation points from a grammarian. I hope one day he will use it on us. The band is called Eggs Laid by Tigers. They sing Dylan songs – Dylan Thomas, that is. Have a listen. The first record was very engaging; I was especially impressed with the dark humor they elicited with their settings ; Dylan's no Ogden Nash, neither one.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Keep Calm and Flutter On!

Fear not: The return of Fbox is still nigh. The long delay has been for good reason – Neill has been in Denmark working on a dream assignment, writing lyrics for a theater production entitled Mozart Undone: A Theatre Concert. The show was a huge success in Copenhagen and Oslo and is soon to play at the Barbican in London, Feb 25 - March 1, 2014. Tickets available here and a very enticing slideshow here. When Mozart Undone played in Oslo, the company received a further commission to do for Ludwig what they did for Wolfgang. TEATERKONSERT BEETHOVEN is currently playing at the Rogaland Teater in Stavanger, Norway; this is a production still. Better still is this Google Translation of a rave review of Neill's work: "and even more of the beautiful word-drown from Cardinaling Furio, who can make you gooseskin to laughter tears with-out why." Only Beckett could have said it better. I hope to see both shows in New York someday. Could Mozart and Beethoven match the seemingly endless appeal of Jersey Boys? Let's dare to hope so.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Flutter Third

At a recent milestone birthday party (belated), a cousin's camera captured this harmonic convergence of birthday gal and Neill with Susan Kassapian, more properly K-Sap. K-Sap lives next door to Janine and she loves to sing, sing while washing dishes, sing in the shower, folding laundry, in the sunshine, anytime. K-Sap also has a perfect memory for melody and enviable pitch. We think of her as the flutter third. One day she will surprise us all with a sudden descant. The girl can't help it! If you're wondering, it was a carrot cake from Greenberg's bakery on Madison. Mad good. Like the party.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Save Buster's ball field!

People who auditioned to work with/for the great Buster Keaton were asked only two questions: "Can you act?" and "Can you play baseball?" A "yes" answer to either question got you the job. When Buster was shooting on location and in need of an idea, what did he do? He called a ballgame. Everyone put down their props and cameras and picked up their bats and gloves. A game ensued until an idea came around, as it always, always did, and pretty soon. Today, we learned that Muskegon, Michigan is poised to bulldoze the baseball field where the Keatons used to play during summers, while resting up from their ceaseless vaudeville tours. Damfinos! We must do our best to keep this field of dreams intact! Sign the petition here!!