Photo by Ted Di Ottavio

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sir Paul McCartney, Neill Cardinal Furio in Copenhagen!


Two of the world's most inventive electric bassists will be in Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference: Sir Paul McCartney and Neill Cardinal Furio. Sir Paul will be giving a speech in favor of "Meat-Free Mondays" making the point that individuals are every bit as responsible as their governments for making efforts to alleviate global warming.

Mr. Furio's no doubt charmingly insurrectionist plans were unavailable at press time – making it impossible to say whether he might cross paths with Sir Paul. Don't think you have to stay tuned to GDAE to find out!

While you're waiting, sign the Hopenhagen petition!


  1. I saw Flutterbox at the Tuli Kupferberg concert Saturday night and very much enjoyed their music. I am a guitarist and use looping along with vintage analog pedals/amps to get a lush sound. If it is possible I would love to understand Neil's set-up and how he got the beautiful sounds on "Morning Morning". Thanks so much. Peter

    1. JUST POSTED! Wonderful rehearsal recording of Morning Morning/Ah! Sunflower Weary Of Time. Worth the wait! Please enjoy a listen....