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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Flutter in the Zeitgeist II

This just over the trainsom, remarks upon the "flutterbox" (pictured) built by an unknown musician as part of the entertainment at a performance event we're sorry to have missed involving music and textile artists.

"I got very interested in the ’flutterbox’ instrument one of the musicians had made.... The flutterbox was an insane-looking construction, made out of a drum, bike wheel, gurney castor-wheels, wingnuts. The sounds it made I’d never heard before and because it wasn’t a known instrument like a guitar I had no received idea of how it should be played so that alone was fascinating. And the musician was bent over it like it was a loom or something.

It may be that all flutterboxes, at one time or another, bring their players to their knees. This one looks a little like a hamster pram.

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